Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Scariest 5 Hours of My Life

Yesterday, around 3.30, I started bleeding. B came home immediately and took me to the ER, where I had a pelvic exam, an external and an internal ultrasound. Thankfully, Reptar is still there, hanging out in his yoke sack. I had a cyst which ruptured, which probably caused the bleeding and the hematoma that they found.

I thought for sure that this was the end, and I was absolutely devastated. Thankfully, we still have an 80% chance that this will be a healthy, viable pregnancy. The 20% chance that something will go wrong is simply because I have had bleeding at all.

So here is to hoping that I am in that 80%. This pregnancy really seems like it is meant to be; I get to be pregnant in the fall and winter, February's birthstone is amethyst, and Reptar will be almost a year old for all of the big holidays in 2011.

So please pray (if you do) that Reptar snuggles in and sticks. We both really want this baby, and we want him to grow up and lead a wonderful, fulfilled life. So as B announced yesterday, Reptar is grounded until further notice.


  1. 1.I hope everything is OK now
    2.You have to stay calm and take it easy. The pressure is not good for Reptar!!!
    3.Morning sickness will get butter by week 14, you're half way there!

  2. I ment better not Butter :)