Sunday, June 27, 2010

As Big As a Maine Blueberry

Reptar is the size of a blueberry this week, and we are a lot more confident that everything will be fine. I went in on Tuesday for a follow up appointment from my ER visit, and the ultrasound tech saw the heartbeat!

Because of a whole slew of reasons, I will be changing doctors. I really don't like how negative and uncaring my OB is, so off to another practice we go! Hopefully the new one will allow me to look at the ultrasound and I will be able to se the heartbeat, or even the entire baby, myself.

My morning sickness has kicked in, and I am feeling a good amount of round ligament pains. My pants no longer fit; I am stuck with yoga pants until I give in a get a few pairs of maternity pants. I'm feeling good even though physically I'm not going that well.
I would rather have symptoms than not, so yay for my ability to eat anything but dairy products!

On the good news front, we are super excited for our friends, Trey and Lauren, who will be tying the knot! We love you both!

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