Monday, July 5, 2010

Raspberries are my favorite fruit!

We are eight weeks along, and I think we are getting the hang of being pregnant. B went grocery shopping for me today while I laid on the couch and played Warcraft.

My birthday was fantastic; we had a party thanks to NS. Duke and B each got a lot of what they wanted...B got a 1/2 gallon of hand-crafted beer and Duke got a ton of attention. I got ginger ale and cake. Yum.

Speaking of cake, Reptar may end up being a fatty if I keep eating like this. My nausea has limited me to eating junk and more junk, topped off with ginger ale. I can't even drink a large glass of Crystal Light without getting ill.

I bought my first real maternity outfit today. One of B's fraternity brothers is getting married August 7, and I needed to buy a new dress because...

I'm showing! I no longer can fit in any of my pants. I am going to try to wait until it gets colder to buy anything else, since I don't want to spend a ton of money on clothes that I'll only wear for a few months.