Monday, February 8, 2010


As most of you know, I quit my job in November (even if my last day wasn't until Jan. 22). B and I decided that instead of me getting another job right away, I would take some time to get my health back on track. After thinking about it for a while, we talked about how I only wanted to take time off when we had children. We came to the decision that I would try to get healthy for a month or two, and then we would try to conceive (TTC). We are both worried about how my digestive issues will affect our ability to get pregnant, so we wanted to give ourselves every possible chance to get it right.

Things are off to a really good start. My stomach has been more calm lately, and so have I. I am able to keep the house in great condition, which was a pain this fall with it being on the market. I am able to make most of our meals from scratch, which B and my stomach love. I am about to start a major Spring cleaning project next week, and even Duke seems to be much happier with the Mommy Dog being home.

I am not happy about the way all of this had to come about, but the results are everything that I had no clue that I needed. I am healthier when I am happy, and I have always wanted a big family. So on March 16, CD1 begins for us. Wish us luck!